Virtual Jackpot

Bet on our virtual games and stand chance of winning the JamboBet Progressive Virtual Jackpot. The more you bet the higher your chances of winning every 5 Min



  1. Terms and conditions of the Virtual Jackpot


  1. Winners will be selected randomly.
  2. Winners will be identified using their telephone numbers.
  3. In order for a ticket to qualify it must be a winning ticket.
  4. Winners JamboBet account will be credited with the winning Jackpot amount (after factoring in taxes).
  5. The winners will be notified of their winnings via SMS.
  6. The JamboBet will advertise a winning ticket once on the virtual page.
  7. The virtual jackpot will be progressive depending on the number of tickets plaid within a period of 24 hours.
  8. The JamboBet virtual Jackpot is applicable to all Golden Race Games which include Football, Dog, Horse and Motor races.

Participating tickets can only qualify for the virtual Jackpot before it is awarded, once the jackpot is awarded all those tickets whose bets were placed before will become invalid.